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Warning Signs Your Partner is Stalking You

When your partner stalks you

Over 50% of ex-partner stalking started before they left their partner (Mullen, Pathe and Purcell, 2009).

  1. They become demanding/controlling, they want to know who you are texting, e-mailing, what you are saying. They are suspicious, perhaps even paranoid.

  2. They are contacting you multiple times a day asking you to confirm where you are at – if you are at an unusual place and they seem to know - suspect that they have put some geo location software on your phone.

  3. They start sending aggressive, abusive or threatening texts.

  4. They start to contact your friends and family trying to check up on you, get information about you, or trying to damage those relationships.

  5. They start to spread rumors, put abusive, embarrassing comments online via social network, forums etc.

  6. They seem to know information that you haven’t told them or know what you do online such as websites you’ve gone to, people you’ve chatted or sent e-mails to etc – suspect spyware on your computer.

  7. Your passwords stop working or keep changing.

  8. You find e-mails marked read that you haven’t read, or e-mails sent from your account you haven’t sent.

  9. Money starts going missing from your online bank account or goods being bought via online stores you use.

  10. Information is deleted such as friend’s contacts, computer files, e-mails.

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